The perfect present for those you love, or hate.


CD available at £6.50 including p & p.

Cheques to D.Pibworth and send to The Workshop, Clickers Yard, Olney, Bucks, MK46 5DX and we will send you one back by first class post.

Please let us know if you wish the CD to be signed by the band. We are happy to wake them all up in the band dormitory in the basement of the office, where they all live, in order for them to sign. WARNING. This may result in the CD being devalued for future sales on Ebay.

The album is now available from itunes and where you can get individual tracks if required, and indeed listen to samples before purchase.

Track listings

1) Jollity Farm  (Wright)

2) Poisoning Pigeons In The Park (Lehrer)

3) Hunting Tigers (Hargreaves/Damerall/Evans)

4) Werewolves Of London (Zevon)

5) Pasadena (Warren)

6) I Hold Your Hand In Mine (Lehrer)

7) The Monster Mash (Picket/Capizzi)

8) Dedicated Follower Of Fashion (Davies)

9) On Her Doorstep (Hargreaves/Damerall/Tisley)

10) Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Friedman/Whitson)

11) Istanbul (Kennedy/Simon)

12) By George! (Formby/Cottrell/Gifford/Cliff)

13) Watermelon (Conrad)

14) If You Could See Her (Kander/Ebb)

15) Canyons Of Your Mind (Stanshall)

16) Urban Spaceman (Innes)

17) Twinkle Twinkle (Mozart)

18)The Galaxy Song (Idle)

19) Hello Mabel (Innes)